Megan Davidson, PhD

Labor & Postpartum Doula

Breastfeeding & Childbirth Educator


Megan is a professionally trained and certified labor & postpartum doula, a childbirth educator and a breastfeeding counselor. Megan has training in natural childbirth with Ina May Gaskin, as well as several other midwives, and has supported  hundreds of families in NYC in their births and postpartum periods.

In 2007 Megan graduated with her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Binghamton University (SUNY). This training as an academic and researcher pushes her to stay current on obstetric and breastfeeding research and to remain up-to-date on the data available on common interventions and procedures and their associated risks and benefits. She uses this to help you make empowered choices and to advocate for you in your birth.


Beyond her certifications as a doula, childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor, Megan has also had additional  trainings in diverse subjects including the safe use of medication while breastfeeding with Dr. Hale, the rising cesarean rate and supporting VBACs with Dr. Declerq, neonatal resuscitation certification with Karen Strange, the use of rebozos to assist in birth and in repositioning babies, the immediate postpartum period with Penny Simkins, and supporting families after traumatic births, among other topics.

Prior to becoming a doula, Megan worked as a rape crisis and domestic violence advocate in hospitals and police stations. In 2001, when she became pregnant with her first child, her research interests and personal commitments shifted to the politics of motherhood, reproduction and procreation, and parenting. She began supporting new breastfeeding mothers and helped to form social networks for new parents to find peer support during their transition into parenthood. 

Megan is dedicated to providing the highest quality, respectful, compassionate support to women and their families throughout pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the challenges of early infancy. She is the mother of two fabulous kids and lives with her family in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.